Short Horror Film Microcinema Launches Facebook Page

MASSACHUSETTS (August 24, 2011) – Harvest Tide Productions, LLC today announced the launch of the Facebook page for their upcoming short horror film, Microcinema.

Microcinema is the story of Peter Martell, a highly educated well-to-do young man with a lot of free time on his hands. He spends this time watching snuff films. One day he makes the bold decision to cross the line from observer to participant, aspiring to bring a philosophical element to his own kind of snuff films. Ready to go to work, he tracks his first victim into a haunted New England woods, where the line between participant and observer takes a different turn.

The Microcinema Facebook page,, will offer fans news on the release of the film (September 2011), the trailer, and other offerings.

Harvest Tide Productions, LLC produces original new media content of all multiple genres and ancillary products. The accomplished Harvest Tide Productions team consisting of 7-time Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer William Smyth; Actor, Screenwriter and Wrestling Hall of Fame-er William Decoff, Award Winning Independent Filmmaker, Producer and Writer Skip Shea, and Actor and Producer of Marketing and Distribution Emily King. In pre-production is the web series Longreach which is currently offering attractive financial opportunities for investors. Longreach is an original web series following the blossoming evil at the long-established Longreach association off the coast of Massachusetts.

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