Synopsis of Longreach – The Web Series

Longreach, written by William Decoff and produced by Harvest Tide Productions in conjunction with The 989 Project, is a new independent horror web series that was originally written as a feature film. The screenplay was runner up in Michael Corrente’s Horror Film Competition. With the phenomenal growth in online entertainment and the loyal and devoted fans of the the horror industry, William Decoff decided to rewrite his script for the web, and Longreach was born.

Off the coast of Massachusetts lays picturesque Longreach Island, home to Longreach – the most powerful and secretive fraternal organization in the world.

Longreach has spent centuries feeding the poor, empowering the disabled, and murdering those that would harm the weak. Far out dating The Freemasons and a rival to The Knights Templar, Longreach was a foe that only the Evil feared.

But evil is blossoming at Longreach.

Reverend Samuel Aiden, current caretaker of Longreach’s great tradition, cannot separate benevolence from temptation. A ruinous storm of murder, kidnapping, sexual sadism, and extreme violence is unleashed, jeopardizing anyone touched by the once tender hand of Longreach.

Dawn Aiden is the wife of Samuel Aiden. Young, beautiful, manipulative and ambitious. She forces her husband to feed her unquenchable thirst for sadism and murder. She looks to be the Queen of Longreach. She will kill without hesitation anyone that chooses to interfere with her plans.

Sheriff Daniel Jedrek is the once honorable Sgt. Of Arms for Longreach. Driven to the point of madness by the loss of his wife. He is forced to face a lifetime atrocities committed in the performance of his duties to Longreach and Rev. Aiden.

When the meaning of a great symbol is lost and power stands alone, only death and chaos can ensue.

Longreach. Membership had its privileges.

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