Harvest Tide Productions, LLC produces original new media content and ancillary products.

The accomplished Harvest Tide Productions team consisting of 7-time Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer William Smyth; Actor, Screenwriter and Wrestling Hall of Fame-er William Decoff, Award Winning Independent Filmmaker, Producer and Writer Skip Shea, and Marketing Expert and Actress Emily King.

skip shea harvest tide productions

Skip Shea, President

will decoff harvest tide productions

Will Decoff, Vice President

william smyth harvest tide productions

William Smyth, Cinematography

emily king harvest tide productions

Emily King, Marketing Distribution

Skip Shea

skip shea harvest tide productions

Skip Shea, President

Skip Shea is a producer, director, writer and actor.

He produced, wrote and performed the very successful one man show called Catholic (Surviving Abuse & Other Dead End Roads) which debuted in New York City in 2005. The show went on to have a successful run at the Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theater and toured the East Coast.

He has also produced, written and directed six short films Mail; Video Diary: Last Entry; They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long; Putting On Its Shoes; Nostalgia; and Choices.

Mail was selected for the invitation-only 11th annual Pawtucket Film Festival. Shea’s work took the runner-up award in the comedy short screenplay competition for his script The Bar at the 19th Annual Woods Hole Film Festival. The film is in pre-production now.

He can be seen in the films like Lasse Hallström’s Hachi: A Dog’s Tale; Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock; and Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. He was also in William Smyth’s Labor Day, which screened at the 2010 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

Will Decoff

will decoff harvest tide productions

Will Decoff, VP

Actor and the man behind Longreach, William DeCoff is very well known for his dedication to the horror genre. As an actor he is known for playing extreme characters in horror and comedy as well. His most notable performance to date was playing Jimmy O’Malley in the comedy “Slip in Fall” playing opposite heavyweights Andrew Divoff and William Forsythe. Director Marc Colluci after directing DeCoff referred to him as “A comic genius”. William Forsythe remarked one of DeCoff’s adlib monologues was one of the funniest he ever witnessed in person.

Managing editor of Fangoria Michael Gingold wrote DeCoff’s turn in character while playing “the Director” in the film “Snuff” was “Insane and well worth watching”.

In his past DeCoff has been a Pro Wrestler and will be inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011. Walter “Killer” Kowalski stated on several occasions that DeCoff was pound for pound one of the physically toughest athletes he ever trained.

DeCoff is a retired Police Officer and was once a bodyguard for the Mass state Attorney General James Shannon. William is married and is the father of Actor Timmy DeCoff. William is currently preparing for the 2011 World Police and fire Games where he will compete in the Toughest Competitor Alive contest. A 5K run, 100M dash, 100m swim, bench press, rope climb, pull-ups, shot put, and obstacle course all in one day. In his last performance DeCoff placed in the top 10 at 41 years of age.

William Smyth

Will Smyth Harvest Tide Productions

Will Smyth, Director of Cinematography

William Smyth is a filmmaker and owner of Vacilando Films.

He has over 15 years experience in television production and his work has appeared on NBC News, Access Hollywood, Discovery Health, The Hallmark Channel, MTV and TV Nation. Prior to launching Vacilando Films, he was the Creative Services Videographer/Editor/Helicopter Photographer at WCVB-TV in Boston. produced television promotions for Fox 25 in Boston, and was a Producer/Videographer/Editor at NBC-10 in Providence. He is the winner of 7 Emmy Awards.

He holds a B.A. in Film Studies from Rhode Island College and has studied at the International Film & Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine.

Emily King

Emily King, Producer of Marketing and Distribution

Emily King, actress and marketing specialist, is thrilled to see her online and performance worlds merging as she embraces the Longreach roles of Producer of Marketing and Distribution; and the character Dawn Aiden.

Emily received a BS in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of New Hampshire and has since worked three years as the Marketing Director for a Sotheby’s International Realty firm, and two years as a freelance Research and Developer for The New York Times.  Emily has spearheaded many marketing and advertising projects with her employers and also as a freelancer, building up her repertoire of skills to include website design, XHTML, CSS, WordPress, Joomla, SEO, InDesign, DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Flash and more. Her rooted beliefs in the power of social networking and that a website is only as good as it is visible, are her two guiding forces in the virtual world.

Emily’s love for performing began at an early age in her parents’ basement as she directed and acted out the most random skits with her brother and friends. Her love for performing continued as she played one of the leads in a 4th grade production of The Point; Juliet in middle school; and was an avid athlete, cheerleader, pianist, horseback rider, and dancer in high school. Emily thankfully reconnected with the intrinsic rewards of acting upon graduating college, and has since fallen head over heels for film.  Recently Emily has appeared in commercials, independent films, feature films, and theater productions.  She is represented by Portland Models and Talent and New England Models Group.

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