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Box 365, Odessa, NY The region, which has 140 wineries, four wine trails and 9,300 acres of vineyards, beat four finalists from California and one each from Michigan the runnerup Leelanau Peninsula, Arizona, Washington, Virginia and Texas.

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Community leader, coach Bob Lee dies at 74 Robert H. Lee, former Watkins Glen policeman, former village mayor, former high school football coach at both Watkins Glen and Odessa, former coach of the semipro Southern Tier Warriors football team, and a retired longtime Recreation Therapist at the Willard and Elmira Psychiatric Centers, died Aug.

He had been in declining health. Calling hours are Thursday, with a funeral service on Friday.

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The request came from football player Dominick Fazzary, who read a message to the board from his father, football assistant coach Jeff Fazzary.

Board President Gloria Brubaker said a name change is against "school practice, adding that the rejection "doesn't diminish our respect.

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